1. What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using an Internet connection instead of a basic old phone system with analog lines. With VoIP, voice data and user inputs travel in the same way as data travels on the internet. VoIP has been around for years and with the rise of broadband internet has improved in quality and reliability for a fraction of the cost of other phone services.

2. What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud phone system is a VoIP-based business telephone platform that hosted by a third-party provider and have become extremely popular with a significant increase in cloud storage capabilities. Cloud-based phone systems allow for calls to be made over the internet rather than over traditional analog phones and are hosted in one or more offsite secure data centers. By storing all information in the cloud, users save on costly maintenance and updates.

3. How is the voice quality?

Amazingly good – better than your cell phone and so good that most major restaurant chains are already using VoIP. All the major cable companies are offering VoIP. The average call takes about 80k (kilobytes) of bandwidth and you’ll have between 50MB and 200MB (megabytes) of bandwidth – that’s 600x to 2,500x the bandwidth! Every call is like sending one email!

We’ll provide the configuration steps needed to ensure phone calls get priority access to your available bandwidth, but that only becomes important when you are using a lot of bandwidth (for example, if you offer guest WiFi to customers). With SimpleVoIP’s additional Network Optimization service, one of our engineers will log in to your router remotely and optimize your settings to put voice at the “top of your chalkboard.”

4. What kind of restaurants do you support?

SimpleVoIP focuses on independents and smaller franchises. Though we do support some larger franchises, on average our operators own 1-5 restaurants.

5. Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you will need high speed internet. You can use your current provider or SimpleVoIP can make WiFi recommendations as well as quote, order and install cable, DSL, fiber or wireless internet solutions that fit your needs and budget. We offer onsite, full-service installation, and all networking equipment optimized for VoIP, as well as cellular backup options.

6. Is it reliable? What happens if the system goes down?

SimpleVoIP is significantly more reliable than what you have today, and we have built in disaster recovery – the “brains” to the phone system are in the cloud and not your phone closet. We have three rock-solid data centers located in San Jose, Chicago and New York, a 100% network uptime SLA, and provide proactive service issue alerts if and as they are detected. If no phones are available (in the case of fire, internet outage or power disruption) we can route calls directly to your cell phone or our mobile app.

7. Do I need to purchase SimpleVoIP phones?

SimpleVoIP sells Yealink wired, cordless and WiFi phones in addition to Grandstream adapters that let you use your existing phones (up to 4 lines). All our phones are Plug & Play and we configure, test and ship every phone.

8. Can I use my cell phone?

The SimpleVoIP mobile app lets you use access your entire phone system virtually. You need not be at your restaurant to take and make calls, as well as manage and monitor your entire SimpleVoIP system and its features.

9. Can I keep my current phone number(s)?

You betcha. Some of your customers probably have you on speed dial already.

10. Isn’t what I have now enough?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Do you have a professional sounding automated answer-and-routing system? Curbside SMS capabilities? Because it’s quite likely your competitors do. Sometimes all it takes is one busy signal, dropped call, or request to hold for a customer to hang up and take their business somewhere else.

11. But doesn’t it cost more?

SimpleVoIP averages about 50-60% less than traditional phone service and makes those cost savings even tastier with valuable know-how and features designed specifically for restaurants.

12. What if we’re old school?

That’s cool, we like old school and new school. But remember, your customers are evolving and so are your competitors. They want to place their orders via phone and text and not leave their cars to pick up their food.

13. Until just now we’d never heard of you. What makes you better?

You know how sometimes at large restaurants the food quality, service and attention dips because they think of themselves as too big to fail? The same goes for your VoIP provider. We think, act and serve with the small- and medium-sized business in mind: Better service, greater attention to detail, a superior product, and people who know and care about your business.

14. Will setup be difficult or disruptive?

Not a chance. SimpleVoIP stands by its name. If you choose to purchase new phones from us, they are Plug and Play; no more complex than jumping on the WiFi at a Starbucks (and your coffee is probably better). If you choose to keep your existing phones, it’s as easy as moving the phone cable from the old phone jack to our analog converter box’s phone jack. Your grandmother could do it, though we can’t seem to get her meatball recipe right. We transfer your existing published number, then coordinate an instant changeover at the date and time of your choice. It takes just minutes, there’s no downtime and can be activated today or whenever you decide. Your customers won’t notice the change, but they will notice the difference.

15. Does it take time to learn and train?

Nope. Our phones are intuitive and easy to use. Just pick up the handset and dial a number. Press a one-touch button next to the screen to put a caller on hold, then pick it back up again. We include placards to help with common usage questions as well as troubleshooting steps to take if you’re having problems. There’s generally no employee training needed.

16. What if we move or add locations? What if we already have multiple locations?

SimpleVoIP moves with you and scales easily to any new location. You don’t need to purchase a new system, though you might want to purchase a few extra phones.

17. Will someone be there to take care of us when we need it?

SimpleVoIP employs dedicated, friendly Account Managers who provide both remote and in-house customer support. Responsiveness is what we do!

18. Do I need to sign a contract?

No. SimpleVoIP offers month-to-month pricing, as well as term-based pre-paid commitments (1-, 2- or 3-year) that give you access to additional features and some free hardware.

19. Can I create my own personal greetings and hold music?

Yes, you may create and upload your own personal greetings and hold music, as long as they are in mp3 format. You can also call in and record your greetings or use our Text-To-Speech function using a male or female voice. If you’re interested in professional music on hold or auto attendant greetings, we have partnered with Easy On Hold for a cost-effective, professional solution. Fill out their form for more information at https://easyonhold.com/simplevoip/.

20. Any other benefits?

SimpleVoIP consolidates your voice and data networks with unlimited scalability. We also offer free, periodic feature upgrades.