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Mother's Day Season Call Contact Centers Busy

Peak Season for Contact Centers: Mother’s Day

Posted Date:
May, 2022
Posted By: Arisa Himmelein
It's no question that Mother's Day is one of the busiest Sundays of the year. Individuals who fulfill the role of a mother in any family can arguably be the most challenging yet most fulfilling responsibility that anyone can take on. With that being said, they deserve all the appreciation and support of their families and their communities.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, consumers have already started purchasing their gifts. Aside from being a significant holiday, it's also one of the biggest sales opportunities for companies. The National Retail Federation conducted a survey fielded to 8,574 consumers ages 18 years old and above from April 1 to April 11. The result showed that the average expected spending during Mother's Day would be $245.76 totaling $31.7 billion nationwide.

Mother's Day is also one of the busiest days for the telecommunications industry. In 2019, Verizon reported that they had the most calls during Mother's Day, with Father's Day a close second. Most contact centers are occupied with calls, especially in the floral and retail industries. Last year, according to the NRF, Americans spent $28.1 billion nationwide on gifts, cards, and flowers.

Mother's Day can be considered a peak season for different consumer industries; therefore, they need their contact centers to prepare for the multitude of calls they receive. Since many people can't get to see their mothers in person on the day of the holiday, they are turning to companies to deliver their gifts. Companies must focus on communication to ensure that customers are informed about their deliveries.

Unlike other holidays, Mother's Day is always on a Sunday. This means that it can be hectic for retailers and their staff members since most workdays are Mondays to Fridays, adding a layer to the challenges they face. Companies should focus on four areas to ensure that their customers receive the best possible product and service on Mother's Day.

1. Be Prepared

Having the necessary resources in place can help minimize the impact of the holiday. Companies can prepare by estimating the demand and planning for the various resources required to handle the expected increase in orders. Having a clear understanding of how busy the sales department and their contact centers can help minimize the impact of the holiday. It can also help prepare for unforeseen issues.

2. Be Available

Having the right agents available to answer customer queries is very important in today's hybrid world. Having suitable agents available can help alleviate the stress that consumers feel when contacting the company. To ensure that the incoming calls are prioritized, consider implementing AI or improving the efficiency of your call center by making it easier for customers to reach an agent.

3. Provide information

Customers want to track their orders and know that their gifts have been delivered. This is why companies must make it easy for their customers to be informed. Make it easy for customers to manage their orders by providing them with frequently asked questions through a web self-service feature and updating them about orders through emails, calls, and SMS.

4. Provide Fantastic Customer Service

The complexity of Mother's Day is unique for many companies. Not being able to deliver on your promises can cause immediate issues and damage the company's reputation since the holiday bears so much meaning for customers. It can also affect the future revenues of the organization. Therefore having fantastic customer service is vital to help companies smoothly resolve any issues that may arise during the whole buying process for customers.

While the company's agents must be able to handle thousands of orders on Mother's Day, it's also vital that they be empathetic and understanding to the customers who availed products. In addition, they should be able to respond to and resolve any issues that arise during the call while providing exemplary customer service. Having great trainers and managers prepare their agents before this big holiday is important in make sure that the season goes smoothly for the companies and customers alike.

Contact centers are usually jampacked with calls during peak seasons like the holidays, or for this example, Mother's Day! SimpleVoIP can help you be ready for all the busy seasons of the year.

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