10 Helpful Facts About POTS in a Box

10 Helpful Facts About POTS in a Box

Last August, the FCC authorized telecommunications companies to stop the maintenance of traditional copper wire lines. This move is great news for many VoIP and UCaaS providers, but it can be very challenging for many companies that rely on older analog technologies.

Fortunately, a solution can help businesses continue using their old analog systems while also providing them with a simple and effective digital solution: the POTS IN A BOX. This router can be used to connect various types of devices and services over a single digital network. It can allow them to use their legacy analog wireline voice, data, and alarm systems.

Network Failover Capabilities

One of the most important features that the POTS IN A BOX can provide is a dual-SIM/LTE/Wi-Fi solution. This method ensures that the service will automatically transfer to the second device if one of its SIM cards fails. Another feature that the device can provide is a secondary or primary connection.

Support for Reliable Legacy Fax Transmission

For most people, a fax machine is a communication device barely used within the workplace nowadays due to its aging nature. However, it’s required in some cases due to the security it provides for businesses that handle sensitive information.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the newer digital transmission protocols. Because of this, many businesses have had to spend enormous expenses to maintain their old copper lines and ensure that their fax communications are reliable.

The POTS IN A BOX is a digital transmission device that mimics the power of traditional transmission lines. It allows fax machines to work over IP and digital transmission methods with the same level of reliability and accuracy.

VoIP Transmission for Voice Calls with Advanced Features

The POTS IN A BOX can also provide various features that are commonly used by businesses to make and receive calls over their traditional analog telephones. These include three-way calling, call recording, and blind transfer.

Supports multiple protocols for Fire and Security Alarms

The POTS IN A BOX has been certified to meet the requirements of the 2013 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s Standards (NFPA). These standards allow multiple communication methods, including the internet and a single cellular appliance, to replace all existing fire panel wireline communications landlines.

Extends the Life of Your Analog Endpoints

This unique capability of POTS IN A BOX allows older analog devices to function the way they did before they were switched to digital networks. This eliminates the need to replace your old equipment and enables you to keep using the tools you have grown accustomed to. In addition, the device can convert the signals from your old analog telephones into digital with high accuracy and reliability.

Legacy Analog Modem for Various Applications

Did you ever use a modem to connect to the internet? The chirpy tones of the device, as it worked its magic to send and receive messages, can bring back memories for people already old enough to remember it. Despite the nature of the technology, there are still devices that rely on this type of analog technology.

Some cash registers still use an old-fashioned dial-up phone to allow a credit card transaction. These devices can still be used with the help of the POTS IN A BOX. Since these modems can function the same way before they were switched to digital networks, businesses don’t need to remove them from their network.

Elevator Alarm Monitoring and Emergency Communications

In 1968, the 9-1-1 number was established as a national telephone number to call when emergencies occur. Through the use of copper telephone technology, emergency responders were able to pinpoint the location of the caller, which made it easier for them to find the person who called in an emergency.

Despite the technological advancements in the field of emergency communications over the years, the accuracy of the location information provided by the 911 system was still not as reliable as before. This is mainly due to the fact that the location of the caller was not always stationary.

The POTS IN A BOX can be used to transmit alarm signals and other data from the fire panel devices to a monitoring station using various telecommunications networks. These include the Internet, Digital Cellular Data Networks, and Multi-Line Virtual Private LAN.

Support Analog M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Needs

Aside from connecting your old telephone equipment to the digital public switched telephone network, the POTS IN A BOX can also monitor the activities of other devices. For instance, it can allow you to share the activities of one valve with the machine monitoring the function, improving the efficiency of older equipment by providing you vital data on its health.

SCADA Support Telemetry Command/Control for Telecom, Waste/Water, Energy, Oil, and Gas, Transportation

A typical data acquisition and control system comprises various devices, such as controllers, GUIs, and computers. These are designed to monitor and feed data back to a central hub. For instance, if there are 800 sensors or gauges in a factory, all of them send their data to the hub, which then reads and interprets it in a GUI. This process can be used to analyze the data and find errors.

Through POTS IN A BOX, remote operators can also check the system’s status and make adjustments if there are any errors. This ensures the system is still working properly even after switching to digital.

Auto-Dial for Elevator, Paging, and Taxi Phone Lines

Elevators are highly regulated on both the local and national levels. While the local level varies depending on where you are, the national standard for accessible and usable buildings and facilities is ICC/ANSI A117.1. Within this standard, additional requirements exist for the use of buildings and elements by persons with a wide range of abilities.

One of the essential requirements that an elevator must follow is that the handset within the facility must be auto-dialed. This ensures that the receiving end of the phone rings when the receiver is listed. With the help of the POTS IN A BOX, replacing the entire system can be done without replacing the whole unit.

If you’re interested to learn more about POTS in a Box, reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to secure your emergency services and transaction services.