Here’s Why You Should Switch to Unified Cloud Communications

Here’s Why You Should Switch to Unified Cloud Communications

Due to the increasing number of communication channels, IT teams are under increasing pressure to maintain multiple systems simultaneously. But what if I told you that most big-box retailers and franchise restaurants have small IT teams handling hundreds or even thousands of locations? Shocking, isn’t it?

That is why more and more enterprises are moving to a cloud-based communication system. VoIP and UCaaS service providers can help organizations reduce costs and improve customer experiences by being an extension of their IT team. In addition, the various benefits of cloud-based systems can help organizations improve their performance. For instance, by integrating multiple communication channels, such as calls, meetings, and contact centers, into a single platform, they can lower their total cost of ownership by 56%.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of an organization’s IT system is computed by considering the various costs associated with using a product. These include hardware and software purchases, maintenance and support, and other productivity losses.

With cloud-based systems, organizations can eliminate the need to buy, house, and maintain servers. They can also reduce their need for dedicated staff members and security systems. In addition, all the costs associated with a product are automatically included in the cloud service.

When it comes to using a variety of vendors, consider the various costs holistically. For instance, if you have multiple suppliers, your legal, compliance, and internal accounting systems may have to consider the differences in their contracts. In addition, each vendor has its unique set of rules and regulations, making it complicated to track everything.

A unified communications service is a type of technology that allows organizations to pay a single vendor for the technology, ensuring that it’s secure and compliant. There are several ways that cloud-based communication systems can help organizations reduce their TCO. First, having one vendor means you can consolidate all your communication services, have a single invoice for all your business locations, and clearly understand who you should call when you need support.

Cloud-based systems are best for businesses that scale fast. They can quickly adapt to changes in a business’s size and operations, such as mergers and acquisitions. It’s also effortless to add new services to the platform, and it’s a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing because that vendor of yours will handle most, if not all, of your communication issues.

Best thing about having one VoIP and UCaaS provider? Predictability. They can keep the costs associated with using a product visible to the finance and operations teams. You won’t be surprised by high invoices at the end of the month because, unlike traditional systems, a pay-per-user model allows organizations to avoid the need for multiple purchase orders.

Before the cloud, organizations had to spend a lot of money to acquire additional servers and applications to support advanced features in their communications package. With cloud-based systems, they can now get the necessary resources to support these features without spending much on infrastructure.

In addition, as hybrid and remote work increases, cloud systems eliminate the need for additional hardware and software, such as firewalls and VPNs. It eliminates the need for employees to travel to different locations and ensures that the customer experience stays the same. Business continuity is absolutely critical, especially when you have several locations all over the country, which is why communication service providers should be able to assure you that their networks are secure and available. For example, SimpleVoIP’s network is guaranteed to be available 99.99% of the time.

Cloud-based systems can divert the cost of maintaining on-premises solutions. They eliminate the HR overheads associated with training, development, and recruitment and release valuable IT professionals’ time to focus on the company’s core business activities. Similarly, automated workflows can help users complete mundane tasks more efficiently. Additionally, integrated single-vendor UCaaS cloud-based services allow businesses to experiment and react to changes without overcommitting on expenses.

The expansion of new technology forces organizations to rethink their approach to innovation; however, long lead times and the need for agility are the main factors that prevent organizations from capitalizing on new opportunities. With the ability to quickly deploy AI-based features, cloud-based systems can help organizations improve their agility.

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