Redefining Customer Experience: 2023 Consumer Trends 

Redefining Customer Experience: 2023 Consumer Trends

In 2023, consumer adaptability and resilience have never been more pronounced. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a testament to this adaptability. Consumers have had to pivot from dining to retail shopping, prioritizing convenience, safety, health, and economic considerations. 

Drawing insights from the National Retail Federation, and the significance of curbside pick-up services, this comprehensive analysis delves deep into the heart of these transformative trends. Historical shopping behaviors have seen an overhaul, and as we’ll see, some of these shifts might just be permanent.

BOPIS and Curbside Pick-Up: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The pandemic brought the BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) trend to the forefront, signaling a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. Similarly, the curbside pick-up model emerged as a beacon of safety and convenience across various sectors like dining, retail, and groceries. Such models provided consumers with a safer shopping alternative and facilitated businesses in keeping their operations running despite restrictions.

Key Insights

E-commerce and Grocery Sector: By January 2023, online grocery sales, which had surged in March 2020, stabilized but still accounted for 5.34% of total grocery sales. Interestingly, this starkly contrasts a mere 1% before 2020, showcasing the meteoric rise of online grocery shopping.

Consistent Dwell Times: The consistent dwell time in stores, averaging 18 minutes in Q1 2023, indicates a sustained preference for curbside and delivery services. This shorter time also hints at a more purposeful shopping experience, where consumers know what they want in advance.

Age-Related Preferences: Younger consumers, particularly those under 45, have shown a marked preference for BOPIS. This age group also seems poised to be the most receptive to innovations like curbside pick-up, with 28% of 18-24 year-olds utilizing BOPIS by May 2023. Moreover, Gen Z has been observed to have a keen sense of digital integration in their shopping habits, a trend that might deepen with future generations.

Economic Factors and Changing Consumer Behavior: As consumers navigate the challenges of inflation and dwindling savings, their behaviors are shifting. The rise in visits to discount stores and the inclination towards curbside services from various businesses, including restaurants and retailers, highlight this change. Amid these challenges, the emergence of subscription-based shopping models and cash-back offers have also gained traction, providing consumers with more value for their money.

Notable Trends

Gender-Based Shopping Preferences: In Q1 2023, a trend emerged where 55% of discount store visitors were females, indicating a potential gender-based disparity in shopping preferences. Studies have shown that women are often more responsible for household purchases, potentially driving this statistic.

Cost-saving Measures: Consumers are adopting various strategies to stretch their budgets. While both genders opt for store-brand or generic products, women seem more inclined to shop for sales in response to price hikes. There’s also increased use of price-comparison apps and couponing to secure the best deals.

Benefits of SimpleVoIP

While the world has now been in a post-pandemic era, the changes it ushered in are here to stay. Consumers have demonstrated their ability to adapt, embracing new shopping methods and integrating technology into their routines. Businesses, in turn, need to match this pace, offering services that meet and exceed consumer expectations. 

SimpleVoIP’s comprehensive communication services ensures that businesses can offer an unparalleled customer experience, whether it’s in the dining, retail, or grocery sectors. 


Curbside pick-ups, facilitated by SimpleVoIP, are not just a trend but a reflection of the future of consumer experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about how to set up curbside pick up communication services for your business.