Restaurant VoIP Phones: Futureproofing Your Business

Restaurant VoIP Phones: Futureproofing Your Business

Customers are returning to your restaurant after a year of ordering takeout from home due to the pandemic – have you considered utilizing VoIP for restaurants to protect your business’ interests moving into the future? Many industries were hit hard by fallout from COVID-19. Unable to visit restaurants, customers have largely relied on at-home ordering methods through third parties to reach their customer base. These methods served as both a lifeline and a burden. Because of high fees, restaurants struggled to break even. This summer offers an opportunity to change that story. How can VoIP for restaurants help your business today and tomorrow? Prepare for the unexpected, and learn more about how restaurant VoIP phones serve as an ideal method of futureproofing your business.

Taking Stock After the COVID-19 Pandemic

What restaurants fared best during the pandemic? This is a broad question. The early stages of the pandemic brought disruptions in the supply chain that continue to resonate to this day. Eating in was no longer an option, which presented a major challenge to businesses that have relied primarily on in-person dining. This led to a new challenge: reaching customers remotely. The desire to eat at a restaurant never dissipated during the pandemic – but the methods to do so changed. Rather than ordering in at restaurants, third party delivery apps had a bit of a renaissance. But this cut directly into the bottom line of restaurants. With massive fees associated with delivery, restaurants struggled to maintain profit margins even as they continued to complete orders. Which restaurants were best prepared? Those that were able to get orders directly into customers hands without the use of third-party apps. Takeout orders and delivery drivers that were associated with restaurants avoiding the hefty fees associated with these apps, and positioned themselves for success. It is impossible to predict events like a global pandemic. It is possible to invest in systems that benefit your business by protecting them in worst-case scenarios. Restaurant VoIP phones can help play a key role in ensuring that when times get rough, your restaurant can continue to serve customers.

Futureproofing Your Business with Restaurant VoIP Phones

Restaurant VoIP phones offer a simple, cost-effective solution for managing your business today and tomorrow. This is thanks to a slew of features designed to make interactions between your customers and your restaurant easier than ever. SMS messaging features, for instance, form a line of communication between people looking to pick up orders and your kitchen staff. During moments of the pandemic when restrictions were being enforced the hardest, this allowed minimal contact between patrons and customers. They were able to pick up orders as they were ready. But this feature isn’t only beneficial during times of crisis. SMS messaging makes takeout easier than ever for customers. Without having to enter a restaurant, customers can get real-time updates on when their food is ready. The endless customizability of VoIP for restaurants lets you create the ideal customer experience outside of your establishment. But the benefits don’t stop there.

VoIP for Restaurants: Good for Every Situation

At SimpleVoIP, we have a motto: the best customer service is rarely noticed, but never forgotten. Restaurant VoIP phones offer unique solutions that can protect your business during unexpected events. More, it can help your business now. Restaurant VoIP phone systems are significantly more affordable than their copper-wire counterparts. They are more reliable, don’t require maintenance from technicians, and have functionality well beyond what landline phones are capable of accomplishing. People that switch to VoIP phones can save over 60% on their existing phone bills. A savvy business owner is prepared for whatever the future throws at them. Yet preparing for future problems doesn’t mean that you can’t advance your business in the present. VoIP phones streamline your operations while creating failsafe methods to ensure that your business can function under any circumstance. Plug and play installation means that switching won’t result in any downtime for your business – you can start seeing results immediately. How can your restaurant make the switch to restaurant VoIP phone systems? Contact us at SimpleVoIP today, and we can show you why we’re the preferred choice for over 5,000 restaurants across all 50 states.